About Dyna-Tech Government Services

Since our establishment in 1981, the Dyna-Tech Aviation Services Team has earned and maintained an outstanding reputation by providing our clients the absolute best solutions to their requirements.

We provide innovative, integrity driven value added solutions, high quality service and stand behind everything that we do.  No matter how large or small the client requirement, anywhere and anytime they require.

Dyna-Tech Aviation Services, Inc., is a Department of Veterans Affairs Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and maintains a Federal Contractor Certification Level One.





Dyna-Tech Aviation Services, Inc. of Omaha is charting new routes to success by partnering with the Nebraska Business Development Center's procurement technical assistance program.


The program offers free counseling services to Nebraska businesses that want to compete for and win government contracts. "The people at NBDC are the subject matter experts," says Dyna-Tech Aviation Service's President and General Manager Mark Spadaro, an Air Force veteran who has been the company's majority shareholder since 2009. "Utilizing them as a source of education and advice is helping us to become better business people."


Fellow Air Force veteran and Nebraska State Sen. Robert Krist serves as Dyna-Tech's vice president of operations, contracts manager and chief pilot. "Mark and I managed contracts as active duty officers," he says. "But knowing how to bid and how to secure contracts is different. Life is about connectivity. You have to have the business connections and education to succeed, and PTAC provides that education."


Knowledge and assistance provided by NBDC enables Dyna-Tech Aviation Services to compete nationally for government contracts, Spadaro says, such as the company's current contract to maintain and fly the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers aircraft, which is hangared at Offutt Air Force Base. The company also has offices and maintenance facilities at the Millard Airport in Omaha.


Spadaro and Krist utilize a method of tracking each trip and providing a cost benefit analysis of using the Corps aircraft versus a commercial flight. "By showing it's less expensive to use that plane, we assume a greater active role as part of the Corps team," Krist says. "They have no internal aviation expertise. That's why they have a contract with us."


It’s the same way NBDC has become part of the Dyna-Tech Aviation Services team, Spadaro says. "NBDC is a tremendous asset for us as we continue to grow from a general aviation services company to incorporate government contractor capabilities in a very dynamic, rapidly changing environment.”


Source:   "Business Growth For Jobs and Prosperity In Nebraska"

University of Nebraska - Omaha, Nebraska Business Development Center 2012