Client-Owned Aircraft & Aviation Assets

•    Operate, manage, inspect, repair and maintain government/client-owned aircraft and government/client-owned facilities.

•     Global experience to schedule and operate in all aspects of classified, dignitary, VIP and other special and sensitive air transportation.

•     Present government mission capable rate is 99.999%.


Transient Aircraft Services & Equipment

•     Arrival & Very Important Person/Distinguished Visitor (VIP/DV) arrival & departure services, ground handling and securing, aircraft safety of flight inspections, minor maintenance, servicing and departure preparation.

•     Aircraft forms and documentation, automated maintenance information systems, processing services, tool control, and quality assurance programs.

•     Maintenance and inspections on assigned powered and non-powered aerospace ground equipment and support equipment.


Aircraft Exterior Wash, Interior Cleaning, Servicing & Lubrication

•     All operations involved in the performance of an aircraft wash, corrosion inspection, aircraft lubrication, interior cleaning and client-specific detailing.

•     Complete compliance with all manufacturer and regulatory guidance.


Client-Specific Academic Training Programs

•     Provide all phases of client-specific training.

•     Courseware development, creation, administration, monitoring and quality assurance of academic training programs.

•     Development of procedures, establishment of local training operations, programs and procedures.


Project & Capabilities Management

•     Highly beneficial, value-added planning, budgeting, programming, organizing, securing, leading, managing, and controlling resources to achieve client-specific goals.

•     Partner with clients to completely evaluate current requirements and plan future sustainable use options of current capabilities and integration of future acquisitions.

•     Develop future capabilities and value-added integrated solutions to meet future strategic and current client objectives.


Base Operations, Airfield Management, Passenger & Baggage Service

•     Supervision of flying operations & airfield facilities, base operations, weather services, flight and mission planning, passenger terminal, airfield management, airfield and runway lighting, security, communications, aircrew and passenger transportation and transient aircraft & aircrew services.


Aircraft Charter, Leasing & Priority Passenger and Cargo Movement

•     Aviation services for charter, leasing and priority cargo movement. 

•     Provide personal, business, corporate executive, government and special law enforcement charter and leasing.

•     Medical outreach and other priority air transportation, observation, patrol, surveillance, disaster work, power line, gas line, rail line, border, parameter, range, unique and/or remote structure inspection.


Agricultural Aircraft Application Operations

•     Aerial application of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, reseeding, mosquito spraying, firefighting, forest, grasslands and other land management.

•     Additional client-specific aerial applications.


Aerial Photography & Video

•     High-resolution digital image photography and high definition video for land-use planning, archaeology, environmental studies, surveillance, reconnaissance, inspection, commercial advertising, property conveyance and other client-specific requirements.

•     Global Positioning Systems (GPS) enhanced digital images embedded with descriptive metadata.

•     GPS integration and automated image processing improves accuracy and cost-effectiveness of data collection.